Who we are?

Aggrigate is a Social Enterprise bridging the gap between Farmers and Buyers through an innovative online platform. At Aggrigate, we aim to empower local communities, improve the lives of Farmers, deliver better quality farm-to-shelf products and ensure long term Food Security.

Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is unquestionably the largest livelihood provider in India, more so in the vast rural areas. Sustainable agriculture, in terms of rural employment, and environmentally sustainable technologies such as soil conservation, natural resource management and biodiversity protection, are essential for holistic rural development.


What do we do?

Utilising the technologies like AI and Blockchain, Aggrigate mobile app offers freedom to farmers. Freedom to decide their selling price, Freedom from long queues and long waiting period at traditional Mandis. With a simple thought "Apni Fasal, Apna Daam", we aim to help Farmers realise and discover the actual price for their commodities.

With Aggrigate Industrial Buyers, Wholesalers and Businesses get complete information about - crop quality, packaging, and transportation. With commodities being offered by farmers across India, Businesses get wide array of choice. Such a choice never existed in Indian agri scenario. Working directly with farmers enables us to provide you with prices like never before.

We are keen on working closely with all the stakeholders inclduing Government, Companies and Individuals from Food Sector, and most importantly with Farmers, to make our effort of providing the most essential members of food cycle a platform they can trust.